Blythe DIY Perm Hair

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  • This is a permanent customization – you can’t return it to the original hairstyle, so make sure you don’t regret it!
  • The amount of hair that your Blythe has directly impacts on the final result of the perm (for instance, Disco Boogie has a thicker head of hair – about 3 times that of Kozy Kape).


1. Short pieces of thin furry wire (to keep the hair in place – you can find these in craft shops; otherwise use hairclips instead)
2. Hair-dryer


1. Take a little bunch of your doll’s dry hair (do not use wet hair), and keep twisting it repeatedly as much as you can, until it looks like a little coil of “cow poo-poo” 🙂

2. Use a piece of wire to hold the coil of hair in place.

3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until the entire head of hair is used (Disco Boogie would have about 60 coils of hair).

4. Use the hairdryer to blow directly at the head of coils. The curls stay in place because of heat on the doll’s synthetic hair. (Don’t blow it for too long, or the hair would melt and break away!)

5. Once the hair cools down, release just one coil of hair to see the effect. If you are satisfied with the results, you can remove the other wire pieces and style your dolly’s new hairdo!

blythe perm hair